Spain has recently become one of the top most visited countries not just in Europe but in the world and rightly so. With tourism as a fully developed sector and the third biggest contributor to the economy, Spain has been attracting millions of tourists from all over the world in last couple of years. The country offers a perfect combination for a dream holiday: beach resorts around the Mediterranean coastal line, the two renowned archipelagoes of Balearic Islands and Canary Islands, metropolitan cities like Madrid and Barcelona that are truly modern, chic and global in all sense, and a host of historical landmarks, 13 world heritage cities to be precise. The country also has major religious sites, fervently hosts festivals round the year, and has some enriched museums that take pride in the treasure of historical belongings they possess. All of these features along with ski resorts, water parks, theme parks make Spain a complete holiday destination.


Finding budget friendly accommodation

It is thus quite obvious that tourists from all walks of life and all parts of the globe wish to travel to Spain. However, since not all tourists have excessive funds, it is always a nice idea to look for cheap hotels and rather utilize the funds in exploring the major attractions offered by the rich country. Thanks to fully developed tourism sector, this is totally doable.

Since tourism in Spain started really early, there is no dearth of hotels and inns in the country. The plus side of this huge supply is that it is relatively easy to find cheap hotels in Spain, starting right in the city of Madrid. Visiting in off peak season i.e. January is also another way to find cheap hotels in Spain. However, generally this trick is not needed and a tourist can comfortably choose from the huge variety of low cost hotels in almost all the regions of the country. The good thing is that reduced cost does not mean reduced quality of services or fewer amenities. Even the cheap hotels in Spain are well equipped to fulfill the comfort needs of its guests.


Is flying to Spain an expensive deal?

With all the hype about the luxurious tourist attractions offered by Spain, one might wonder how much it costs to fly to Spain. While your natural instinct is to guess a high dollar figure, the truth is that it is not at all hard to find cheap flights to the world’s bet destination these days. Since so many airlines fly from all over the world to a number of airports in Spain, it only takes some planned and proactive effort to find cheap flights to Spain. As mentioned already, some tourists prefer to fly in January because of the low flight expense. Also some smaller and new European airlines have ongoing promotions and offer cheap flights to Spain. Another important aspect in finding cheap flights to Spain is to look for the airport of landing. Some airports are cheap to fly to as compared to others. For example, the cheapest airport to fly to is Madrid, followed by Barcelona, Seville, and other cities. A total of 66 airports in the country imply that odds are that you will get a ticket in your budget.


The takeaway

The takeaway from all this discussion is that if costs are your major concern, you better plan a trip in January-February, early spring or late Fall. Summer season is peak tourist season and price hikes are seen everywhere. This time is also suitable if you prefer to explore the city life, listen to the live music, and delve into the historical treasures at the museums of the major cities like Madrid and Barcelona.


So don’t be at a loss if you are tight on budget, the very much developed tourism in Spain means that travelling and living while roaming around the country can be done on budget too. So go ahead, take some time, find cheap hotels and cheap flights to Spain and have an awesome vacation. Not every vacation needs to be heavy on the pocket!