London, famous not only for being the capital of United Kingdom, has had its fair share of attention from travelers across the globe. And why not? It has been a prime location for centuries now. The House of Parliament, the Buckingham palace, Big Ben tower, Westminster Abbey, River Thames and the London Eye, Madame Tussauds: London is an all in all!

If you are a regular traveler, it is impossible to have avoided a layover at Heathrow airport. With a stand out largest and one of the busiest airport (in the world), Heathrow is a destination for all travel lovers to exit and enter the city. 

Arrive at the city after checking and (obviously) taking the cheap flights to London. Turkish airlines, Oman Air, Qatar Airways, Etihad, Gulf Air, British Airways and all of the airlines of the world (literally) offer amazing, discounted and reasonable rates. You just have to check for the cheapest travelling days, availing the offers and booking ahead if you want to save the extra pennies and spend them in London, instead.

The next main thing on the task board is the availability of cheap hotels in London. For me, spending reasonable rated nights and enjoying the days out is more attractive than giving all my earnings for a fancy hotel room. While there are a number of expensive options like The Goring and The Grosvenor House Suites in Mayfair, a number of cheaper options are also available. Look out for Premier Inn London, Accommodation London Bridge, Hotel Ibis, Meininger Hotel, and Euro Queens hotel. These hotels are two to three stars providing free breakfast menus and Wi-Fi to the customers. 

London does not fail you in terms of touring. Here is what you can do.


Walk that Extra Mile

Neighborhood walking can give you the pleasure of more and detailed site seeing. An early morning walk can save you from the crowds and let you breathe some fresh air. The residential streets of Notting Hill are as charming. The Portobello road provides a great offer for antique lovers. The eating options are vast: from Japanese cuisine to all continental, fast food and road side pickups, fine dining with Michelin star options, Scandinavian to Indian, London has something for every taste bud.


London Bus Tours

The Hop-on-hop-off buses are found everywhere in London and is a reasonable yet trendy way for the on-budget traveler. It takes you around a number of touristy sites with minimal botheration and encircling the maps. The popular sites include the Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace and surroundings. It also takes you to the London eye. It is now up to you to hop out, brave the crowds and enjoy the (not so) serene but fresh British air. Take your camera out and go all click, click at these royal locations.


Museum Options

There are quite a few in such royal location. The National Portrait Gallery is famous all around the world and now offers a restaurant with some amazing bonuses. These include the best food and coffee place providing the enthralling views of the magnificent city. Parliament Houses, Big Ben and Trafalgar Square hit the top of the list.  

The Wallace collection is another noteworthy but quiet place, which does good for masking itself away from the excited tourists. Only the art lovers will go here. It holds some amazing 18th century pieces and antiques, furniture, porcelain and armory.


Visit the Countryside

This might sound off-track, but it really takes you through a fresh trip away from the busy life of London.

Pack your stuff, feel fresh and alive!