Athens is famous for being the capital of Greece and also ancient Greece. Still dominated by the 5th century historic landmarks and pieces, Athens holds its own beauty and majesty. With a thoroughly warm weather and romance and Renaissance in air, Athens is a beautiful trip down the history and memory lane.

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So the world’s top ancient site has a lot to watch out for. Here is a list.


The Parthenon

The flood-lit Parthenon is contained in one of the worlds’ most ancient archaeological sites, the Acropolis. It is not possible not to be intrigued about this master piece when in Athens. It is a marvel in its own, set apart from the monotonous daily bustle of city life the other cities of the world have to offer. The Acropolis Loop is a pedestrian walkway place around the Acropolis with its own set of street vendors and cafes. The Acropolis Museum is a rare sight, a glass temple containing ancient art pieces.


The National Archaeological Museum

If you take pride in marveling the ancient treasures, this is your one-stop spot. From a range of Greece sculpture, jewelry, pottery and Antikhythira device, there is a lot to view, envy and capture.

Athens is house for a lot of other museums as well, namely

The Nuimismatic Museum

Byzantine Museum

War Museum

Benaki Museum


The Agora-Athens Central Market

This is a market located at the Athinas Street. It is laden with fish, meat and vegetables. It provides some very cheap and good food restaurant options. Always crowded, this market is a live wire to watch the Athenians in action any time.


Mount Lycabettus

You can definitely take a train up there if you don’t feel like climbing all the way up. Hovering above the city, this green mountain has a splendid view to offer, the city life and lights, an amazing restaurant to treat the hunger pangs and a frequently visited quality amphitheater.

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounion

Located at the Attiki Peninsula, the temple of Poseidon is an ancient marvel. Poseidon was the God of the Sea and thus it overlooks the best sunset view, a beach and sea and some outstanding seafood eateries. You definitely can’t afford to miss any on the walk.


Port of Pireaus

It takes you to a harbor, on to a ferry and off to a Greek island. It takes you to the Aegean Sea and gives a splendid view of the waves and a coastline comprising all the ancient buildings on it.


Thissio and Psyrii

Known for their brilliant nightlife, both these neighborhoods fail to disappoint and have an appeal of their own. They are a suitable choice for eating, relaxing and exploring the city life away from the crowds.


Mars Hill

It is a historic spot which provides a stunning view of the marvelous Acropolis. It is the place where (as said) Paul (apostle) preached to the Athenians.


With this compiled list, rock your fate in Athens, traveler!