if you are eager to accomplish the heroic task of exploring communist history but also want a fair share of modern feel, having a vacation in Moscow, the capital of Russia seems like a good idea. Located in Western Russiaa, Moscow is the largest city of European continent. The fine balance between being an urban and global city while being a reminiscent of some of the most rich and intense periods of world history, Moscow has been gaining popularity as a famous tourist destination. Despite being ranked in the list of most expensive cities of the world, Moscow provides ample oppurtunites for tourists from all over the world to enjoy a thorough holiday.


The perfect holiday destination

Moscow is one of those cities of the world that has enough attractions to cater to every mood and every personality. Be it the solemn communist history manifested in the Red square, contrasted in the vibrant domes of St. Basil's Cathedral, depicted in Lenin's Mausoleum; or the art galleries featuring the evolution of arts in the one of the most critical periods of human history, or the lush green parks, or the picturesque bridges, or the state of the art shopping malls; Moscow has it all. And if you are worrying to find a reasonable accommodation or flight to Moscow, continue reading and you will find a way out.


Flying to Moscow

If you are a traveller on a tight budget, your first chance to cut costs is to find cheap flights to Moscow. Luckily, the huge city has four airports that host hundreds of airlines, big and small. If you carefully plan and search for cheap flights to Moscow, you can easily get one. This holds true especially in the slightly off peak season i.e. Spring and early Fall. Winters, despite being lowest rates for cheap flights and cheap hotels in Moscow, are not everyone’s cup of tea. Russian winters are harsh and long, to say the least. So your pocket friendly vacation mode can be best implemented in the months of February – March. Also, sometimes it helps to find an alternate route to reach Moscow i.e. via another European city. The flight may take a little long but finding a cheap flight to Moscow means that you can spend the bucks you save around the mega-city with its multitude of tourist attractions. Searching for promotional deals on the budget airlines is a sure way to find cheap flights to Moscow.


Staying in Moscow

While it may seem that finding a low cost accommodation in a world-class city that boasts hotel chains like Lotte Hotel Moscow, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, the Ritz Carlton is difficult, it is entirely possible and certainly doable. You only need to play smart, plan ahead and ready to let go of the top-notch state-of-the-art amenities and settle for reasonable accommodation that provides maximum value for money. Finding cheap hotels in Moscow is not that hard, especially given that some of them are located quite centrally, amidst the historical monuments. These cheap hotels in Moscow provide the basic facilities for a budget traveller without costing them an arm and leg, have friendly and hospitable staff and are usually chosen by tourists because of the level of service they offer.  Moreover, as long as you can find a cheap hotel in Moscow that is nearby other metro and transport services, you are good to go!


Summing it up

Moscow is truly a global city, a conjunction of historical, modern, economic and political influences. The city has so much to offer that we actually recommend finding cheap flights and cheap hotels in Moscow and utilizing your valuable funds in enjoying the cuisine, roaming around the greenery, learning the intense history and culture, walking along the old Russian streets, and living some memorable moments in the theme parks. You will be happy with the choices made.