Greece, popularly known as cradle of western civilization is considered a favorite tourist destination offering a variety of attractions. The country has been a birthplace to a number of contemporary philosophies, sciences as well as Olympics games. The rich culture and history attract millions of tourist each year and make the country one of the most visited places in not just Europe, rather the world. The country proudly boasts 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites, and plethora of beaches islands, and modern tourist infrastructure.


Tourism Development

Given the massive tourism development in the country, it is not hard to find cheap hotels in Greece as well as cheap flights to Greece. Since the number of tourists has crossed 30 million per annum recently, the country provides ample options for tourists from all walks of life. This means that you can get cheap hotels in Greece, offering as low as 30 $ per night in Central Greece, Crete, and Athens. Some hotels charge as low as 12 $ per night. The rates increase with the overall standard of hotel as well as its location and can go up to 98-100 $ per night. However, that’s not the norm and an average tourist can easily find a reasonable place in much less amount. The hotel rates vary with the time of the year too. Since it is super-hot in Summer yet totally crowded as Summer is the time maximum people head to this beautiful land of Greece. The hotel prices get automatically inflated in the peak season of Summer i.e. July – August. So if your concern is to find cheap hotels in Greece, you should better plan your trip in Spring and early Summer i.e. April – June or post Summer i.e. September onwards. Also since Greece is a popular tourist spot, hotels in Greece are not just budget friendly but also provide bundle of amenities and excellent customer services, low deposit and cancellation charges.


Tourist Hotspots

The vast land of historic tales and mesmerizing beaches, being a favorite tourist spot has hundreds of airlines flying to it on daily basis. While the two main airports are Athens city and Thessaloniki city where majority of the tourists from Europe and all over the world land, there are a number of other airports located on island which cater to domestic and charter flights. Given the large number of airlines that fly to Greece including the Lufthansa, British Airways (BA), Aegean Airlines, one may think it is hard to find cheap flights to Greece. However, that is not the case. There are certain tricks and ways to find cheap flights to Greece. The general rule of thumb of searching too early or just in the nick of time applies here too. But that assumes a flexible schedule of the traveller and a personality to endure last moment change of plans. Also, sometimes looking for smaller and relatively new European airlines serves the purpose of finding cheap flights to Greece. The new airlines usually offer deals or promotions that lower the effective costs of flying.


Fly to Greece

Sometimes it is a good idea to find a cheap flight to other than main locations i.e. Corfu, Rhodes, or via Chania on the Crete Island. Some airlines flying from main Britain and Germany airports provide direct and cheap flights to such locations. Also, a little flexibility on the day of travelling i.e. a weekday helps you save some bucks on the airfares. Sometimes, consulting a travel agent also helps in finding cheap flights to Greece.

So if you plan to spend some time in the heavenly beaches and land of Godly tales, you can easily do that in low budget. You only need to proactively search for cheap flights and cheap hotels in Greece, and you can plan a vacation in your budget.