United States

Traveling to The United States is something every one of has dreamed of and this vast country is stretched across thousands of miles. Traveling to United States is as exciting as the idea of exploring one of the best places in the world. It is considered to be the most advanced country of the world and also the superpower. Traveling from one end of this country to another end would literally take days or even a week if you are not the designated driver.

There are a lot many places in United States that are worth traveling and visiting and it would take weeks or even months to completely explore this vast country to its edges. You can get cheap flights to United States if you want to travel to this country and there also are many cheap hotels in United States that you should know of for a budget friendly trip. Let’s have a look at some of the incredible places and things you should be doing on your visit to United States and to enjoy traveling to this country to its fullest.


Exploring Washington State

The beautiful sightseeing of nature from the stunning peaks as of Mt. St Helens is an amazing destination for hiking and exploring the state of Washington. Remember not to confuse the state with the capital of USA. The breathtaking beauty along the coastal paths to the beautiful peaks is worth spending some time.


Random Stroll at Cannon Beach, Oregon

Want to relax at some place calm by having a random stroll? Well, cannon beach is one of the best beaches in west coasts to stroll across. It is the best place if you want to relax after a hectic routine to spend some quality time. Stroll on a rented bicycle along the coast or spend some time catching waves at Haystack rock to soothe your soul and mind.


The Stunning geothermal pools of Yellowstone

The gigantic yellow stone park is one of the most spectacular reserves of the United States that is filled with luminous rocks in a beautiful formation, geothermal pools and the volcanic activity. This beautiful park is worth paying a visit for a lot many adventures and to explore the diverse nature of the lands there.


The Half Dome in Yosmite

Along the far stretched countryside of the California, Yosmite is an incredibly beautiful place to explore and visit. Remember not to forget the booking of ticket for hiking up the half dome in Yosmite as there are fixes allocations each day. In case you are not into hiking then you can visit the Ansel Adams Gallery and the beautiful village of Yosmite.


Exploring San Francisco

To have a close look on the western culture and to explore some of the beautiful places in the country, discover the beauty of San Francisco with so many amazing places to visit including Nappa Valley, Muir Woods, and view the huge seals of Harbor home in Fisherman’s wharf. Explore the beauty of this amazing state and experience the Native American and western culture to learn new things.


The Hollywood sign, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the perfect destination to spend few days and to enjoy the culture and beauty of this region. Do not forget to spot the Hollywood sign and pay that world famous place a visit to click some pictures as a memory. The Griffin observatory there is also worth visiting and the food in Los Angeles will surely make you fall in love with this state and people.


The Salvation Mountain

If you are looking for a budget friendly trip than you must know the cheap hotels in United States for stay and the beautiful places worth paying a visit which are less costly. The salvation mountain and the art of it are something you will surely admire. This unique and amazing place is full of colorful mountains and rocks and the artistic touch to the place is worth exploring viewing on your tour to United States.


A Ride to Monument Valley

Well, the incredibly stunning landscape of the monument Valley and the stunning views along the 17 Km trail are something you will never easily forget. One night stay and camping in Monument valley will surely soothe your adventurous soul and it is worth spending some time viewing the unadulterated skies at night in the United States.


So, book a cheap flight to US and have the most happening vacation!