If you are interested in exploring the true beauty and enjoy every aspect of Thailand, then you have landed the perfect place as we have brought you the highlights of the country. From the ultramodern cityscape of it capital, Bangkok, to the iconic temples, rainforest, mountainous Island and finally to the beaches and resorts of the Phuket City. It would be ideal place to visit for the people who want to relax on the beaches and get totally refreshed from the vacation. So, let’s begin this beautiful journey.



The Grand Palace – Explore this gem containing ornate building representing Thailand’s architectural and political heritage. Established in 1782, and the official home of the absolute monarchs until 1932, with its eclectically designed buildings and pavilions offers an immersive cultural experience.

Wat Pho – one of the six main Buddhist temples of Thailand, house 46m long Buddha Statue and is enriched with spiritual and architectural heritage. Explore the historical buildings which are also said to be the first university of Thailand.

Temple of the Emerald Buddha— located in the precinct of the Grand Palace, the temple houses an emerald Buddha Statue carved from semi-precious green stone and covered with gold. Explore its ground and have a great time.

Chao Pharaya River –the pleasant waters of Chao Pharaya River, one of Thailand’s major waterways with architectural and historical attractions nearby it is a must visit as you can also take the longtail (cross-river ferry) ride.



Central Festival Pattaya Beach—a seven story shopping mall with 400 different retail stores, entertainment complex, 16 bowling lanes and a food court is a must visit.

Pattaya Beach—Head down to the bustling Pattaya Beach which offers many recreation opportunities or you could just dose off against the beautiful backdrop of the coastline.

Sanctuary of Truth—started in 1981 and still under construction is an intricately carved Buddhist temple with great attention to detail by balancing contemporary aesthetics and traditional architecture.

Art in Paradise—a great gallery which features 130 pieces of interactive illusion art. You can become a part of the artwork by interacting with it, so do bring your camera to capture yourself having fun.

Jomtien Beach—A stretch of sand with a quiet and peaceful environment, so visit it and feel refreshed after relaxing and having seafood.


Chiang Mai

Art in Paradise—3D art museum of Chiang Mai which tantalize the imagination through its gallery displaying interesting exhibits of illusionary arts.

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Naka Market—colorful and well stocked with great goods is the Naka Market where you can buy gifts and goods at great prices.

Wat Chalong—another Buddhist temple which features the iconic central pagoda attracts many tourist due to it amazing architecture and ornate decoration.

Phuket Big Buddha—a 45m statue with beautiful surrounding landscape is another must visit.

Phuket Trickeye Museum—museum houses interactive 3D exhibits and gallery with a diverse collection of 3D paintings.

La Moet Phuket—Enjoy the outdoor and underwater activities at this spot like scuba diving, snorkeling, boat tours etc.

Phuket Crocodile World—Thailand’s largest crocodile farm where you can sit on the reptile’s back or watch the trainer’s stick their head into its mouth and take pictures. Also enjoy the museum housing mummified gators dating back to ancient Egyptian history.


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