United Kingdom
Being one of the most visited countries of the world, United Kingdom offers you endless possibilities when it comes to tourism. It is one of the most intriguing places on the earth with its green land and some monumental architectural spots. It never disappoints with its diversity from London’s unparalleled theatre scene to Roman remains of Hadrian’s Wall. The streets of the cities buzz day and night filled with finest museums and tempting restaurants.

UK is also among the easy to get around countries as most of the popular tourist hotspots are connected by trains and buses. Or you could also drive to your favorite destination via the well-planned motorways. Whether you travel through a cheap fight to the UK and use public transport or drive yourself, you are sure to have an unforgettable time. The following destinations need to be on your to-visit list once you get there and book a cheap hotel in the UK for staying.


Big ben

Big Ben is the name of the Great Bell of the clock at the Palace of Westminster in London. Both the clock and the tower are usually referred to as the Big Ben although the tower is officially called the Elizabeth Tower. It was designed by Augustus Pugin and completed in 1859 in neo-gothic style. it is easily one of the most visited tourist spot of the country and you would definitely want to click some selfies while at it.



Stonehenge is among the best known prehistoric monuments of UK which is just 10 miles north of Salisbury on Salisbury Plain. The visitor center hosts exhibitions that include audio-video experiences along with over 250 ancient objects. You can walk around these enormous stones and also visit the replicas of Neolithic Houses to get a know-how about the Neolithic life as some volunteers demonstrate their skills. If you are a history enthusiast, you can also reserve to access the inside of the circle early morning or late evening since you are not allowed there during opening hours.


Tower of London

Tower of London has served as so many things from a prison and a palace to a treasure vault, an observatory, and a menagerie. It is known as one of the most important building in England and it has enough to offer the tourists as a World Heritage Site. Its centerpiece is the White Tower which was built by William the conqueror in 1078. It is now the home to many outstanding exhibits including the Line of Kings with its amazing displays of royal armor. Among other highlights are the Crown Jewels exhibition, the Royal Mint, and classic Yeoman Warder Tours.


The British Museum

The British museum is said to hold the finest of the World’s antiquities which include around 13 million artifacts from Egypt, Babylonia, Assyria, the Roman Empire, Europe and China. The most famous among these artifacts are the Rosetta stone, the Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon in Athens and many more outstanding pieces. The ancient Egyptian collection and the hoard of Roman Silver known as Mildenhall Treasure are among the other highlights of the museum.


Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is another most visited attraction of the UK particularly for the families. There are more than 11,000 animals coming from 400 different species living in the 125-acre site. The prize-winning landscaped gardens are what take the appeal of this zoo to the next level. The monorail system of the zoo can be used to tour these gardens. The highlights include Europe’s largest tropical house, penguin pool, and the Chimpanzee Island.


Keeping in view these great attraction, booking a cheap flight to UK might be the best idea you come across this vacation season. you can also look for cheap hotels in UK online and book them beforehand while planning your vacation.