We are here with the best attractions to help you explore the true essence of Italy. From the amphitheaters to the great squares to the glorious Churches and cathedrals, museums, fountains and Home of Juliet on the way to get a feel of this historically enriched part of the world. It is the ideal place for people who have a thing for history and art. You can book a cheap flight to Italy and explore the following spots.



Lido di Lenno— Beautiful surroundings and Villa Balbianello nearby where you can go on foot or by boot. Plenty of restuarants to choose from and enjoy the magnificient views while eating.

Asociación Profumeria Bellagio– Loaded with perfumes, cosmetics and other beauty items, this signature store attracts people from all over the globe to buy designer perfumes, hair treatment products and skincare products.



Arena di Verona— one of the best preserved Roman amphi-theaters built in first century CE. The acoustics of the theater are incredible so it has been transformed into an opera since 1913. Visit it and get transported back to Roman times when people watched games and shows there.



St. Mark's Square— it is Venice’s principal public square which has served as its social, religious and political center. It is the largest aquare of the city that has been given the rank of Piazza. It is surrounded by many architectural sites such as the St. Mark Church.

Canal Grande— visit the Canal Grande through a gondola or water bus. There are more than 170 buildings along its bank including palaces. Along this 3.8km long and 30 to 90m wide canal many historical traditions like regatta are held every year.



Galleria dell'Accademia— founded in 18th century, this museum pays tribute to many renowned artists like Michelangelo and features extensive collection of Renaissance paintings and sculptures, most notably Michelangelo's "David" statue. The museum also features a collection of antique musical instruments.

Uffizi Gallery— renowned for its collection of Italian Renaissance paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings, it exhibits works of Botticelli, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Caravaggio, Raphael, and Titian. This gallery occupies the top floor of a building erected in the 16th century to house the offices of the Tuscan government. You can avoid long lines by booking your tickets in advance over the phone.



Colosseum— one of the greatest works of Roman architecture, Colosseum is the largest amphitheater in the world. This world-famous landmark is the biggest attraction of the city so expect long lines. You can join a guided tour by booking your tickets in advance online to avoid the long lines. Built of concrete and stone, the elliptical amphitheater was originally capable of seating some 50,000 spectators who came to watch animal fights and gladiatorial combats. It measures 48 m (157 ft) high, 188 m (617 ft) long, and 156 m (511 ft) wide. You might want to book a cheap hotel in Italy if you wish to explore the true beauty of Rome.

Trevi Fountain— the legend claims that throwing a coin over your shoulder into this fountains leads to your eventual return to the city. One of the most photographed sites of Rome designed by architect Nicola Salvi and built in 1762, stands 26 m (86 ft) high and 49 m (161 ft) wide, it is the largest Baroque fountain in the city.

Vatican Museums— this museum displays Roman Catholic Church’s collection, most renowned Classical sculptures in the world, as well as numerous Renaissance art masterpieces. It is recommended to join the guided tour to explore the museum well.


So, pack your bags and get ready for some adventure!