Booking Procedure

In our flight search box you will have to enter the details of your trip (destination,  date, number of passengers). All results of flights are displayed, with the cheapest fare first. Please follow a few simple steps to complete your booking.

This situation may occur when:
a)The last available seat of the actual flight or fare you have chosen was sold while you were in the process of making the booking. (Please note that before you receive a message confirming your booking, there is no guarantee that the flight you chose is still available.
b) Seats which are no longer available are still displayed on the seat-reservation system due to insufficient time for the system to reload.

Situations like this rarely happen. However, in case you come along a similar situation through our system please contact us.

For specific origin and destinations, flight bookings can be created on the same day of travel. However, the exact time period before the departure time will depend on the departure destination and local time of departure destination.

Your reservation is successful when the following message is displayed on the page:
“Great, your booking went through successfully.”
An automatic confirmation e-mail, with your reservation number and all your booking details, will be sent to the email you provided

This may occur due to several reasons.

1. It might be due to misspelling of the registered email address during the booking process 

2. The email may have ended up in your junk or spam folder of your email provider. 

3. Your email provider may have blocked our email entirely thinking it was spam.

If you do not find your confirmation in your inbox within 12 hours, please contact us.

If you find errors in your confirmation email, please contact us as soon as possible.  Amendments however are not always possible or might have extra cost.

Flight tickets are only in electronic format (e-ticket) and no longer in printed form. The electronic ticket (e-ticket) is a digital file registered in a database of electronic tickets and this way it cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen. Within 24-48 hours the e-ticket will be sent to your email address.

Yes, for any booking created via phone or email there is a fee of approximately 20 euro.

You can book up to 9 passengers online.  For more than 9 passengers, please send your request by mail to our Customer Service.

Yes, but tickets for infants are issued only when accompanied by an adult. The price is lower, normally consisting of a cheaper fare and the amount of taxes.

Passport details are only requested for some Airlines and some destinations. If passport details are necessary, you will be asked to enter those during booking process or you will be contacted by budgetfly representative.

Passenger names should be entered correctly to avoid any problems with the airlines. 

Attention: Airlines do not allow changes in passenger names after a ticket has been issued!

Payment and charges

Bookings can be completed online having as payment only debit or credit card. Acceptable cards are Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro. Please note that additional fees for credit card payments may arise. They will be shown before the completion of the booking in the price calculation.

Your credit card is charged after providing your credit card information, requested in the 2nd step (Payment). In this step, your data is processed from our system after clicking the "Pay" button at the bottom of the screen.

Your credit card information is sent to us via a secure server. We use the most up-to-date and secure technology available, which encrypts your personal and credit card details. The encryption method used is the standard technology “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL). For extra safety, we use a firewall which protects our server and system from unauthorized access

Yes, you can make a booking for someone else by using your credit card. However, the credit card holder must provide his/her contact details (email and telephone number). It may happen that our customer service representative contacts the credit card holder for some additional information.

Budgetfly is based in Cyprus. Therefore all credit and debit card transactions are charged in Euro.

No, the air tickets you tried to book have not been confirmed, due to a temporary technical issue of the airline (s), in the itinerary you have selected during the booking procedure.
This resulted in a failed booking while a pre-authorization of the corresponding amount had already taken place.

A pre-authorization is a temporary hold of a specific amount of the available balance on a credit / debit card and may occur during an online transaction. This could happen due to various reasons: miscommunications between multiple systems involved in the transaction, expired shopping session, delays in authorization of the payment from the bank of cardholder. The pre-authorization is not a charge but a bank practice of blocking the amount on the cardholder’s account until the clearing of transaction, in order to avoid unnecessary transfers between bank accounts. Therefore, you will not be charged if the transaction has failed.
Budgetfly sends an automated cancellation request to the bank for the hold to be released. This request states clearly that our company will not charge the hold. It is the bank’s responsibility to release the hold from your account and it depends on its policy when you will have the blocked amount available on your account.
In any case, we advise you to contact your bank and ask for more information regarding this issue.
If you wish to proceed with a new booking, we advise you to try again from a different browser.

Besides sending a cancellation request for the failed transaction to your bank, Budgetfly is not allowed to interfere with any bank procedures or policy, in order for the hold to be released sooner. Even after the request has been sent from our side, some banks may require to hold the amount, according to their policies. Hence, we strongly recommend that you contact your bank to ask for further information regarding this issue.

Special Requests

Children under the age of five (5) years are not allowed to travel without being accompanied by a passenger usually older than fifteen (15) years. Tickets can be issued for unaccompanied children, but only via phone. Every airline follows a different policy regarding unaccompanied children and for that reason we highly recommend that you contact the airline before booking the flight  for your best convenience. Many airlines provide an escort service for children but the cost and requirements of such service are regulated by each airline. To ensure the safety of children (aged  from 2 to 11 years) traveling alone, please contact us.

Passengers with disabilities and passengers with reduced mobility are obliged to inform the airline or the travel agent about the necessity and the nature of assistance at least 48 hours before the departure time.
The aid of an assistance dog is also ensured when requested, provided that the notification has been made  in accordance with applicable national rules on assistance dogs’ transport, if they exist. Passenger have to be, 2 hours before the  departure time at the airport either at the designated points for disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility or at check-in.

In order to add a specific meal to your booking, please contact us.

In order to add wheelchair assistance, please contact us. Have in mind, a brief description will be requested as to why the wheelchair is needed.

Changes and Cancellations

Changes depend upon the fare type and change policy of each airline. For any change enquiries or requests please contact us.

Changes depend upon ticket  and  policy of each airline. However, there are many fares that cannot be changed, especially those offered by low-cost companies. For those that can be changed, the extra cost will consist of a penalty from the airline and any difference in fare and taxes between the new and old ticket.  Budgetfly also charges a change fee of 20 euro per passenger.

Name changes are permitted rarely depending on the policy of the airline. We advise you to pay great attention as the name (name/surname) has to be entered exactly as it is written in the passport or identification card in Latin characters. Even if the name is wrongly entered, the system will proceed and issue the e-ticket automatically.

For any cancellation enquiries or request’s please contact us. Please note that an Airline can cancel your booking however the refund procedure will have to be processed by Budgetfly.

Cancellation fees depend upon the fare type and cancellation policy of each airline. However, there are many fares that cannot be cancelled, especially those offered by low-cost companies. Budgetfly also charges a cancelation fee of 20 euro per ticket per passenger.

In case of cancellation, refunds to the clients are processed only after the airline company itself has proceeded with the refund to Budgetfly. The refund process usually takes up to 30 working days following the cancellation date. However, due to bank procedures, any corresponding amount may take 7-10 extra days before appearing on your bank statement.

Airlines are allowed to modify the schedules, hours, number of flight and even cancel flights. Our company will make every possible effort to inform you about any changes or cancellation within working hours and will try to reach you by email. In special cases and when needed, we may also contact you by phone. It should be noted that for any change in flight, the responsibility burdens exclusively the airline operating the flight and Budgetfly bears no responsibility.

Our flight results offer the cheapest flight combination, therefore you may receive different ticket numbers with different airlines for each route of the trip.
Please note that for each separate ticket the terms of the specific airline apply.

In order to change or cancel an invoice/receipt please contact us. Please note that an additional cost of 10 euro will apply.

Check-in and Boarding

It is not mandatory to confirm the departure time of your flight. However, we recommend that you do, with the corresponding airline or the airport, since changes may arise in the flight of your choice.
Our office is making every possible effort to inform you about changes to flights, but in case there are problems with the weather, a strike or for any other reason affecting the flight(s) on your travelling day, you will have to contact the airline or airport directly.

In order to travel each passenger should have official documents: passport, identity card (identification cards with Latin characters are accepted in some cases). Travellers from some countries, depending on the destination, are obligated to issue a Visa/Transit Visa or ESTA. For this reason, passengers have to become familiar with the required travel documents by contacting the Embassy. Furthermore, please note that for some destinations a minimum 6 months passport validity is required.
It is the passenger's responsibility to have the necessary documents for travelling.

Yes. Just like adults, children need to have passport and visa, considering the country of destination, when traveling.

You can either check in online through the airlines website providing information received in the e-ticket (24 hours before departure) either directly at the airport (2 hours before departure).

You can select your seat arrangement either through the Airlines' website either directly at the Airport before departure. In some special cases, airlines provide seating, that can be booked from us.

Infants will sit on an adult’s lap. Please be aware that airlines permit only one infant per adult traveller. If you do not want your child to sit on your lap but in a separate seat, please contact us.

Adults are usually considered to be passengers who are over twelve (12) years old.
Children are usually considered to be passengers between two (2) and eleven (11) years old.
Infants are usually considered to be passengers who are younger than two (2) years old.

Generally, there are three classes depending on the type of airplane and the configuration of seats, as determined by each airline.
Economy Class
The economy class in an aircraft usually occupies the most seats inside the cabin. These are seats with lower cost and offer less amenities and services to passengers.
Business Class
The business class, which is more expensive than the economy class, provides more services and amenities to passengers who choose it. The seats in business class are separated from those of the economy class in the cabin and are in the front part of the aircraft.
First Class
The first class is the most expensive class in an aircraft and is also classified as a luxury class. It is located in the front department of the aircraft cabin and offers more comfortable and fewer seats, and more services. For further details, we advise you to visit the airline web page.


Hand baggage: It is usually permitted to carry only one piece of hand luggage inside the airplane according to most airlines while the allowable weight of hand baggage varies by airline company. According to the provisions the European Union has set, the dimensions of hand luggage should not exceed the following dimensions: 56cmx45cmx25cm (including handles, exterior cases, wheels).
Registered Baggage: Usually one piece of baggage, not heavier than 20 kg is allowed per passenger.
In any case, the passenger should be aware that allowable kilogram limits of baggage/hand-luggage and their dimensions vary by company and depend on the policy each company follows. For this reason, it would be useful that the passenger contacts the airline for getting precisely informed about the weight and dimensions he/she can carry each time. Furthermore, there is extra charge for any additional baggage/weight, the price of which varies depending on the policy each airline follows

Passengers should not carry in their baggage the following:
Compressed gases: deep freeze, flammable, non-flammable and poisonous.
Corrosive as acids, alkalis, mercury and lead batteries.
Explosives: ammunition, fireworks, flares, pistols, caps and all types of firearms.
Flammable liquids and solids: such as lighter fluids, matches, paints, colour solvents and lighters.
Radioactive materials.
Bags and briefcases with incorporated alarm devices.
Poisonous and infectious substances.
Other hazardous materials such as magnetic materials, materials that cause discomfort or irritation.
Liquid formulations in the hand luggage beyond the checkpoints at the airport and on aircraft. This does not apply to luggage delivered to check-in and to liquid formulations in a container with a capacity of 100 millilitres (ml) at most. The containers must be placed in plastic, transparent, resealable bags with a maximum capacity of 1 litter per passenger. 

As fluids are defined the following:

 water, drinks, soups, syrups, ointments, lotions, oils, perfume sprays, gels of all categories, liquids conditioned under pressure such as shaving foam, deodorants, lotions including toothpaste, liquid-solid mixtures, other items of similar consistency.
Exceptionally the following can be transported in the hand luggage:
Medicines, dietary foods and baby food considered necessary during the flight, but passenger may be asked to prove their necessity.
Liquid formulations such as drinks and perfumes the passengers have bought on the plane or at an airport outlet located after the checkpoints. These items are sold in special sealed bags, which passengers should not open before pass the control of hand luggage at all stations of embarkation and transit of airports throughout the route of their travel. Also it is worth noting that under USA legislation, the possession or transfer of all types of lighters is prohibited in luggage and hand luggage for flights bound for USA.
We note here that the above list is indicative. For more information, please contact the airport or the operating airline.

Passengers can take their laptop on board. However, laptops are removed from hand luggage to be checked separately during the airport control

The passenger can carry such devices (e.g., small TVs, radios, etc.) on the aircraft, but they should be given separately to airport control for faster completion of the process. If you have any more queries, we advise you to contact directly the airline company of your interest.

Special equipment is not included in the allowable free weight the passenger can carry and therefore will be charged extra by the airline. The charge will depend on the type of special equipment, weight and dimensions. If you want to carry special equipment, we advise you to contact us, however please note any extra cost will be paid directly to the airline.

Regulations and procedures for transporting pets in the cabin, luggage storage areas of the aircraft vary depending on the airline and destination. For more information, we recommend you contact the airline operating your flight or us, before proceeding with a booking.  If you have already made a booking, please contact us.

Frequent Flyer Program

The Frequent Flyers Program is a service offered by airlines to their regular passengers to provide them with better services and benefits when traveling with that specific company

It is usually required to register in this program according to the terms set by each airline. For the Frequent Flyer Program of an airline as well as for all information concerning the frequent flyer program you are interested in, it should be useful to make direct contact with the specific company.

No, your points will be added to your card. You can enter your card number by clicking on the box, under the passenger’s names during the booking process. If you have already made a booking, please contact us in order to enter the details in your booking.

Frequent flyer cards be can used only for airlines that belong to the same airline network. E.g. Turkish Airlines and United Airlines belong to the Star Alliance network so one’s code can be used for the other.

Low Cost Airlines

No, low-cost airlines do not provide e-tickets. After completing your booking through Budgetfly, you will receive a confirmation email with the Airlines booking reference.

Yes, for most low cost airlines web check-in is required. Some low cost airlines allow to check in directly at the airport however they might charge an extra fee.

Checked-in luggage is not included in the ticket price of low cost airlines, apart from the hand luggage, which usually allows 5-6 kg.
If you wish to add baggage, you can contact the airline directly or contact us to do this for you. However BudgetFly charges €5 per baggage/per passenger for this service. The baggage costs vary by company.

No, low cost airlines offer only economy type seats.

Customer Support

All inquiries received by email are answered within 24 hours by email or telephone if your request is received during working hours. If your request is received outside working hours we will contact you on the next business day. For urgent inquiries received outside of our working hours, we advise you, to directly contact the relevant service provider.