Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands and located in Europe. It is well reputed for housing numerous universities and educational institutes. Being the capital and cultural hub of the country, it also has a number of museums, theatres and entertainment spots and historic homes. The homes are built in the shape of fan and over an 18 meters sandy bottom.

Another noteworthy feature of the city is its canals. There is an area reserved for numerous buildings dating back to 16th-18th century separated by 160 canals. The canals houses house-boats. The city is also separated in to islands, joined by beautiful bridges.

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Here is a list of must-visit places in Amsterdam.


Visit to the Canals

The city is built and based on water canals; several hundreds of them curving here and there. Most of the city’s venues are accessed by water taxis and boats. If you are a solitude lover, the best place to go is Gractengordel: this way the quiet waterfronts are explored and you will get to see the bridges and 17th century homes built thereupon. You definitely will marvel and gasp at the old streets full of amazing architecture, small cafes and shops and colorful gardens.


The Rijksmuseum

Known as the Dutch National museum, it is the collection house of antiques and rare art pieces dating back to 19th century. It now contains some 7 million pieces that include paintings and books. It is also a culture center offering Dutch handicrafts and traditional art that speaks volumes on Dutch culture.


Anne Frank Museum

The house where Anne Frank and her family hid during the World War II is located at the Prinsengracht. Here is where that young girl wrote her diary, which has been published in several languages and continues to motivate the world. The house has been kept in its original state.


Van Gogh Museum

Named after Vincent Van Gogh, this museum attracts thousands of tourists around the year. The museum retains several collections ranging from paintings, drawings and letters from the Van Gogh which definitely are a spectacular sight.


The Botanical Gardens and Zoo

The Hortus Botanicus is one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens. It displays and boasts rare herbs, plants and trees, exceptional flowers and a large hothouse. Nearby is the Natura Artis Magistra (Zoo). The zoo has creatures from around the world, an aquarium, zoological museum, insectarium, butterfly house and Planetarium.


Flower Market

Tulips definitely rush to the mind when thinking of Amsterdam and Bloemenmarkt is the place to shop for them. Another spot to experience the best flower picking is the Flower Market that contains various plants.


Rent a Cycle

When in Dutch, go cycling; they say. A number of places offer rented bikes when you can ride in the cycle lanes that run around the city and prove yourself as a free spirited true Dutch.


Food and Music

There are plenty of places offering traditional and street style food, wine, and classic and jazz music venues.

Indulge yourself in Dutch life!