Dubai is one of the most advanced cities in the world which has developed a lot in the last couple of decades. Also known as the city of Gold, Dubai has been recently ranked the 7th most visited destination in the world. Beautiful beaches, hotels, skyscrapers and shopping malls in Dubai attracts millions of visitors and tourists each year. Traveling to Dubai is the dream of many and you can get cheap flights to Dubai if you are on a budget and also there are many cheap hotels in Dubai where you can accommodate during your visit to Dubai.

There are so many reasons that Dubai should be the next travel destination on your list. World’s largest man made structure Burj Khalifa, Luxury hotels, man-made Islands, Beautiful beaches, Food, huge shopping malls and a mixture of different cultures in Dubai are the best things you can enjoy and explore when you travel to this beautiful city. There also are a few things that you should know before you travel to this city so let me be your travel guide and make you aware of the important things that you should know before visiting this city.


Dubai is Hot

If you are planning to travel to Dubai then you should know that there is only one temperature in Dubai and that is hot. For someone coming from a different country and region, it would be quite challenging to for them to adjust to Dubai’s temperature. The average temperature in winter is about 77 degrees Fahrenheit and it touches the 110+ mark in the summers so the best time to travel to Dubai would be in October or February.


Heart of Dubai

In Dubai, there is also a life beyond skyscrapers and the huge malls and beaches. To get to visit the original heart of the city, pay a visit to the Dubai Souk to explore the goods traders get from all over the Middle East. The rich culture of Dubai and Arab can clearly be felt at the Souks. One of the souk is dedicated for the Gold and it is worth paying a visit even if you don’t intend to buy anything.


Food in Dubai

 The food in Dubai is something you will surely enjoy on your visit. Besides Luxury as well as cheap hotels in Dubai, you can enjoy the Iranian, Pakistani, Yemeni, India, western, or even Afghani food at Bur Dubai Area. The delicious street food is a feast you can get your hands on in Dubai and the exciting food scene in Dubai is one of the many reasons of traveling to this rich city.


The Home to many Big things

Dubai holds the world records of some of the biggest things in the world including the tallest building in the world Burj Khalifa, The biggest shopping mall in the world (by area) Dubai Mall, the largest and biggest Fountain show at Dubai Fountain. The beautiful structures in Dubai are worth paying a visit. Moreover, the largest man-made island in the world, Palm Islands are also in Dubai and the government has also announced to build the biggest airport of the world in Dubai city.


Home Delivery for almost everything

The best thing about Dubai is you can get anything or almost everything delivered to your door or wherever you want. Besides the costly services in this rich city, you can also get budget friendly packages like the cheapest flights to Dubai and Cheapest Hotels in Dubai. Almost every brand, company or service providing company provide home delivery and you can get anything at your doorstep with just a single phone call or click.


You can also get Alcohol

It is a common perception about Dubai to many people that the Alcohol is banned in Dubai but that is not the case. You can only get alcohol from the registered restaurants, bars or hotels and the sale is limited just inside the premises of these hotels and bars. Dubai isn’t that conservative as many might expect a Muslim country to be and you can enjoy your travel to its fullest with almost everything available in this modern city.