Bangkok is one of those cities of the world that welcomes the most visitors from around the globe. It is known to be intoxicating for the tourists with its diversity ranging from exotic aromas to visual delights and gleaming temples. It has infinite layers to it that call the explorers to come exploring the hidden secrets and gems. Some of its highlights include the floating markets, gleaming temples, luxury malls, extravagant hotels and not to forget its cuisine. And you would also fall for the hospitality of its people for sure! You can book a cheap flight to Bangkok right away and feel the true diversity that this modern city of the world has to offer from tropical beaches, ornate temples, ancient ruins as well as royal palaces. We have brought you some of the best features of this diversified city. So, let’s get started!


Festivals of Bangkok

The capital of Thailand attracts millions of tourists every year due to its modern development yet maintaining the historical architecture and traditional festivals. Some of the great festivals are Chinese New Year, Red Cross Fair, Songkran Festival, Moon Festival, Vegetarian Festival, Loy Krathong and Trooping of the Colors. Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn located at the bank of River Chao Phraya and opposite Grand Palace is a great place to visit due to its historical value and beautiful scenery. Floating markets are another sight you wouldn’t want to miss, the boats are filled with fruits and vegetables for you to get onboard and have a tour. Khao San road is another spot where night life is active and the east meets west culture-wise.


The Grand Palace

Another highlight is the Bangkok’s Grand Palace with its beautiful architecture and culture is one of the most renowned landmarks of the world. Explore this gem containing ornate building representing Thailand’s architectural and political heritage. Established in 1782, and the official home of the absolute monarchs until 1932, with its eclectically designed buildings and pavilions offers an immersive cultural experience.


Wat Pho

One of the six main Buddhist temples of Thailand, house 46m long Buddha Statue and is enriched with spiritual and architectural heritage. Explore the historical buildings which are also said to be the first university of Thailand.


Temple of the Emerald Buddha

Located in the precinct of the Grand Palace, the temple houses an emerald Buddha Statue carved from semi-precious green stone and covered with gold. Explore its ground and have a great time.


Chao Pharaya River

The pleasant waters of Chao Pharaya River, one of Thailand’s major waterways with architectural and historical attractions nearby it is a must visit as you can also take the longtail (cross-river ferry) ride.


Floating Market

Another highlight of the city includes the floating markets; the boats loaded with vegetable and tropical fruits along with ready to drink coconut juice and local food are floating o serve the visitors with different specialities of the city. You can also enjoy a guided boat tour of the Damnoen Saduak market to get a closer look at how it works in a laid back style!


Spas and Massages

The Thai massage is one of its kinds and is a must-have, so indulge in a massage and feel refreshed. You can go here to nay spa in the city to restore the inner balance of your body and mind with a personalized healing session at one of the spas. You have a multitude of spa options to choose from and can also take massage workshop and learn a lot about the basics of a good massage.

These highlights make Bangkok worth paying a visit.