With Eiffel tower standing tall, the aroma of the best wine around the globe welcomes you to France. Holding a title of a sovereign state, with metropolitan France located in Western Europe and several overseas territories, France offers major tourist attractions. Touching many water-bodies like the English Channel, North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean itself, Paris being the capital and main cultural hub: France is an attractive tourism spot across Europe.

While in France, there are a lot of other urban cities to move around. These include:-







When planning a holiday, the first thing that appears on the list other than the tourism spots is the mode of transportation. There are a number of airlines offering cheap flights to France from Europe. Lufthansa, Swiss Air and Air France introduce cheap and appealing packages during the holiday season. Tourists from within Europe delight on the train tour as well, stopping and marveling at different destinations.

The next major thing is the accommodation search. There are a number of rental apartments, motels and hotels offering rooms at cheap and reasonable rates per night. A lot of them send taxis to bring you “home”, offer breakfast buffet (included in the package), free Wi-Fi and clean, crisp rooms.  The cheap hotels in France include rooms starting from 21 euros per night. Amongst them, Hotel B&B Hotel Paris, Residence Hoteliere, Hotel France Albion and Hotel Saint Georges Lafayette are inexpensive and hold decent ratings and reviews.

France is famous for various things. It encompasses amazing geography with azure blue coastlines, deep green valleys, thick forests, sun-kissed beaches and great cultural monuments. Not only this, rich French cuisine and wine are an additional attraction. There are a number of historic centers, museums and chateaus that make you inquisitive about the French history. The castles and architecture, a picnic along Siene, and a lot more invites you to France.

Although an expensive country in Europe, nothing holds the destination lovers back. If nothing else, Eiffel alone is enough for the calling.

If you are a tourist already on the move or planning a vacation to France anytime soon, here is a brief guide on what not to miss.


Paris, Paris!

One of the top and most searched out city across the globe, Paris can never fail a tourist. From Eiffel tower to Louvre museums, Siene, parks, jazz music on the go and some fantastic food choices, it definitely takes a minimum of 4-5 days to explore the city. It is as magical as in pictures and gives memories lasting a lifetime.


Loire Valley

While travelers miss this small town area, this picture perfect beauty offers appalling stuff. Vineyards, chateaus, the best wine you ever tasted and superb food on the plate: go backpackers.



While this is an industrial metropolitan, it has its own type of nightlife. A city hiding a rich history with restaurants, theaters, museums and a soccer stadium spread across its map, the warm blue waterfront is nothing but a welcome treat. The cultural heritage keeps you on the go.



Be nice when in Nice. It is a seaside town with a low profile on-budget beach. An understatement will be not to call it easy to soak up with its all central location.



If you are a wine lover, head straight to Bordeaux. An expensive city, longest shopping streets, tasty seafood, wine, and a historic city, it matches with Paris in being extraordinary.


So, book your flights and rails, pack your bags and get going: France is calling you Howdy!